These trends are coming back from ’90 are coming back




What goes around always comes back around eventually. We see this happening practically everywhere we look – popular movies and tv shows from the 80s and 90s are getting rebooted left and right, midcentury modern furniture and décor is ruling the interior design world, and current fashion trends represent a mixed bag of all the best statement pieces from the decades.

There are lots of fashions we all bet we’d never see again in stores, but today they are back to prove us wrong and show us just how cute and relevant they can be again. Here are ten fashion trends that were too good to be put to rest and are making a comeback today in 2019.

Mom jeans – 90s

You know the type – the high waist and the loose-fitting leg that tapers just enough at the ankle, where it’s usually rolled up and topped off with a sandal or some other delicate footwear. Mom jeans are back, folks! Skinny jeans are no longer the only pants sold in stores days, and those of us who like a little wiggle room are ecstatic to see mom jeans back on the racks.

Round glasses – 20s

Circular frames have been creeping back into style slowly but surely for a couple of years now. This trend originated in the 1920s and made a comeback in the 70s largely due to the influence of folks like john lennon and janis joplin. In 2019 we are seeing them again, and it’s a delightful blast from the past.

Corduroy – 70s

Corduroy jeans, jackets, purses and everything was extremely popular in the 70s, and since then the fabric has mainly been used for children’s clothing. Now, corduroy is coming back around, with pieces like the corduroy skirt being particularly fashionable.

Chunky sneakers – 80s

The 80s was the decade of the sneaker. Everyone was wearing levi’s and white tennis shoes, the chunkier the better. Today, this trend is back in full swing, with designer brands like yeezy and gucci producing some of the chunkiest shoes to date.


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